Elite Body Shape Hypnosis


I have all this too much of weight.

That is the one sentence that all clients tell.

 Our clients have already tried everything to battle their weight down, they have been through several diets, all the ones you can imaginge.  Which ones have you done?

You’ve been through lot’s of diets too?

And you are

still not where you WANT to be?

Be happy!

You are at the RIGHT place NOW.

We here at Elite-Hypnosis do it for you and with you!

You already know that Hypnosis is the effective method for permantent weight reduction.

With this unique Elite Body Shape Hypnosis you NOW become the person you want to be. On all levels!

Become your shape and size.

Allow yourself the most profound change with Elite Body Shape Hypnosis.

With this proven method

enjoy all the benefits sourcing from it.

What do you want?

What do you want more of?

More self-esteem, motivation, drive, disziplin,

self-confidence, power, strength,

feel more fit, more alife…

You GET ALL the benefits!

Read here the testimonial of a client:

Apart from that I have battled my weight for as long as I can remember, I was again way over my weight when I heard about this Elite Body Shape Hypnosis. But my weight was not the only problem I was carrying with me.

I was suffering for decades from fatigue, in between even so severe that I had to stay in bed for 3 years of my life.

After all these years of Doctors, Medications, Treatments and countless visits and stays in Hospitals I left my home country of Norway and settled in Spain. I was living in a depression, with anxiety and my days were filled with endless hours of sleep. I had no social live. I was constantly tired and just going to get food from the supermarket was an ordeal.

I was always feeling sad and frustrated and I spend years of my life alone in my house in Isolation. I hated myself and I hated to even look at my body in the mirror

And then, everything changed. I got to know about this Elite Body Shape Hypnosis and got to have these life changing sessions with Maja Brexel.

Right after the first session, I felt different.

Maja said before, that the effect of the Elite Body Shape Hypnosis is instant, but when you are in a position I was in for such a long long time, believe me, I have heard any promise you can imagine.

For a change, this promise was kept.

It was amazing and so different from what I have imagined, as I had done so many diets and programs.

As my mental and emotional level was rising, my kilos where going down. Slowly, steady, healthy and constantly. I felt better every day.

I needed far less time in bed, found myself becoming more happy and even cheerful. I had forgotten how that felt. With the weeks along I dressed myself nicely again, smiled so much more and even started to look into the mirror. That I haven’t done for years. I was startled with joy to see my body changing.

In between I booked some private lessons with Mrs. Brexel for even more mental and emotional support and some sessions for specific physical exercises and movements to build my muscles and to shape my Body.

My depression is lifted and I can live free from medication.

Every session with Mrs. Brexel is such a wonderful experience. She has so much knowledge and her skills to change ones life are unique.

She is a beautiful person.

During this time I got to know a man and we started dating. And what then happened, nearly was to much for me to grasp.

I felt sexy! All of a sudden, there is was! That was something I thought would never happen ever again, as I was used to hating my body.

Now, I love me and my body.

All what has happened still feels like a miracle to me.

It is now my reality. I live together with that man, I am feeling comfortable and happy in my own skin. We go out for dinner and I now live a worthy life.

Oose Killing, Norway

Imagine yourself NOW with the shape and size you want to be! DO IT!

Tell me….

How do you look like, what do you wear?

How do people see you?

How do YOU see yourself?

How good do you feel NOW?

Is that what you want?

Make it REAL!