My name is Maja Brexel.

I am…

Pleasantly Different From All Others.

This has been my whole life with me.

I am…

CEO, Hypnotist, clinical hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist, psychotherapist and occupational therapist with world-wide recognition and people have been coming to me for over 25 years.

I speak publicly about hypnosis and optimize life and business.

I practice …

Hypnosis wherever I am.

I have …

developed a unique method of


I am …

a source of wisdom, knowledge, skills and abilities.

People come to me who want to make positive changes in their lives.

I can change your life.
It is important that you know what you want!

My work…

is my passion, my passion.

My work …

changes lives.

I have …

founded through my research

MBIFA – The MBrex International Foundation for Animals- .

My own foundation for animals.

If I had to describe myself with 3 adjectives ….

happy, loving and experimental are the ones I call upon.

What I care about …

The well-being of each individual and the collective consciousness.

I am the person you want to meet in your life.

I am…

Founder and CEO of
MBrex International.

MBrex International changes lives. Worldwide!