My name is Maja Brexel.

I am… CEO of my company, Hypnotist, Occupational Therapist, Public Speaker and named The real Dr. Dolittle.

I practice … Hypnosis wherever I am.

I have … developed a unique method of Hypnosis, ask me about it.

I am … a source of wisdom, knowledge, skills and abilities, for your highest good .

What I care about …The well-being of each individual and the collective consciousness.

I am the person you want to meet in your life.

My clients…  have taken the decision to bring a positive transformation to accelerate their life’s towards their goals and ideas. Whatever it takes.

WHATEVER  IT  TAKES it the motto of my company MBrex International. We work together, hand in hand, our institute, our worldwide team of StopSmoking Specialists, The real Dr. Dolittle and, our International Animal Foundation, working with the most traumatised Animals.

We can iniciate the change in your life. Exactly then, when you know how different do you want your life to be.

Define your goals and transform yourself with Elite-Hypnosis!