Testimonial Youth Division

I wanted to tell a testimony of my son Michael, he have been blessed from an angel, he was visiting Maja Brexel a long weekend from Friday to Monday.

He was struggling with his life, in many ways, to understanding things, he was very closed to himself and shy, he didn’t have the glowing in his face, he wasn’t so much of a talker, he wanted to be the most of the time in his bedroom and playing games.

After Michael was having a trip to Maja Brexel, he was more open hearted, has more joy in his life, he was exactly talking more to us at home, he has more confidence and he was having the glowing face we didn’t have seen in his face for a long time.

I feel we have got our son back, thank you so much Maja for helping our precious son Michael to come back to us.

Thank you so much Maja Brexel…

The best regards Ingerlise and Janove with family.

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