For 35 years I had lived with insecurities arising from my childhood and

a black cloud has hung over my head , for twenty years this had affected my marriage and certain aspects of day to day living, the torment was a physical pain that I just could not control and I was consumed with it in a daily basis even though I knew it was irrational.
I went to see Maja and she said she would change my life and guaranteed this would absolutely happen.

After the first session I already saw immediate changes in my outlook on life and all the issues that had hindered my happiness began to disappear, after three sessions I am almost reborn, I could not believe that I could ever feel this free and relaxed and that all my darkeness would be lifted , Maja has cleared that black cloud and the sun shines brighter than ever , I am more confident , relaxed and am able to do certain things I had never thought possible.

Maja has given me the tools to carry on changing and making progress to be a happier and more relaxed person and all my family are also benefitting from this massive change.

Nobody should have to live their life under the black clouds , and Maja has the gift to blow them away and to free your mind from all the negativity. Thank you Maja ❤️

Janette G. (United Kingdom)

Maja was recommended to me by a friend we have in common. I was in desperate need of ways to handle different life situations, like how to start living the life I want and not just surviving. Maja gave me exactly what I needed and by practising what she gave me, my life is becoming better slowly but surely. I am so happy I got to meet her because I now have long lasting results I have always wanted.

She helped me to get a better relationship with my parents and my kids. I can now stand up for myself without getting frustrated when I don’t get my way with them!

Thank you for lifting me higher and raising me up so I can look forward to the most of my life.

With the looks you gave me, I had a lot of fun working with you!

Mariam K. (Noway)


How fortunate!

I met Maja Brexel by chance.

As a result, a lot has changed in my life.

I struggled with my pounds for years they went up and down. Always up after the end of each diet. I’ve always had a lot of stress with family and work, then needed chocolate and cookies for wellbeing.

It was very damaging to my physical condition.

Maja then showed me a way out of my dilemma.

Maja helped in a wonderful way through her Hypnosis, freed me from my dilemma. Since then I have no more appetite for sweets, can pass by the sweet things while shopping. Don’t need them anymore. I had 4 Hypnosis Sessions in total, one every week. The weight reduction program was over after a month and

I’ve lost 10 kg in one year.

My weight went down steadily, little by little and I just felt wonderful.

Then, unfortunately, I got sick and had to have an operation. After that I was constantly tired and exhausted, also because of the much lying down

I gained some weight again. I called Maja and immediately made an appointment for myself.

In the first session Maja got the toxins from the anesthesia and surgery removed from my body and I can now sleep deeply and without nightmares.

I am healthy and fit again and the remaining pounds are falling again.

With her sensitive voice Maja works miracles and I am very grateful to her.

Thank you Maja 🙏💋

Margarete Hornung (Germany)

I met Maja Brexel and in several conversations I found out some things that I had been carrying around with me for a long time. After I had done the Hypnosis, I immediately experienced a noticeable relief and felt better and full of energy again. I would recommend Maja Brexel to anyone who is struggling with themselves and their past.

My life has since changed for the better and my life is more fulfilled and worth living again.

I am very grateful to Maja for what she has done for me and will gladly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Maja, you are great!

Christian Fischer, Spain