The Price List

‘All you have ever done,

has brought you to where you are right now.

When you want something different,

you have to change your life.’

Maja Brexel

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready for it?

Can you handle the change you want to experience?


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1 Consultation

1 verbal Conversation

195 Euro

1 Hypnosis Session

1 session consultation

1 Hypnosis session

1 Topic only!

295 Euro

Let go and Enhance Blue

3 session consultation

 multiple Topic Hypnosis Sessions


Let go and Enhance Gold

3 session consultations

3 Hypnosis sessions

multiple topics

in a 21 day transformation program


Let go and Enhance Diamond

3 session consultations

3 Hypnosis Sessions, multiple topics

a 21 day full transformation program with

the possibility to book yourself in

the 7 day life Elite Hypnosis Diamond Retreat 


Corporate Hypnosis

2 pre- session consultations

2 Hypnosis Session


Elite Diamond Dinner/ Elite Diamond Brunch

2 – 2,5 hours of availability

Hypnosis introduction

1 Hypnosis per person

1 Topic

min. 6 people max 8 people

75 Euro per participant

plus 1,20Euro per km diving to and from the Venue/ view travel below

Book Maja Brexel as a Speaker


Hypnosis Introduction

Hypnosis Demonstration

180 Euro

plus 1,20Euro per km diving to and from the Venue/ view travel below


100% payment by booking.

Direct payment via Bank Transfer and PayPal

Cancellation fee:

50% refund of payment up to 7 days before the session, after that, we refund 5% of payment. The appointments cannot be postponed from the client side, it will be evaluated like a no-show.

In case of a no-show there will be no refund.

Important additional information:

All sessions are to be realised within a period of 60 days. After 60 days, 0% refund will be given, regardless of whether the client has attended the paid number of sessions.

You come to Spain or you want me to come to you! All is possible.

The travel cost are calculated on the time of booking.

The cost will include all Transfers, flights, accommodation, plus 3x food expenses.

Additionally a fixed price of 280Euro per day.

Accommodation will be excepted in a high* category


Extra legroom

when available

Business class

long haul

1st class

For more service visit the website from the our

MBrex International Institute of Hypnosis